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Diamond studded Cleopatra Clutches unveiled on Red Carpet

For those that may not be familiar with the designer’s name, Lana Marks has been in the business of creating luxury clutches for quiet the time frame. For over a decade, the celebrity ladies’ bag maker has chosen a couple of celebrities, who have highlighted her creations at events like the Oscars, and this time, it was Janet Mc’Teer and Li Bingbing who were bestowed with the task. Though Ms. Mc’Teer’s purse isn’t known in the open with reference to its details, but the Chinese leading lady, Ms. Bingbing seems to have garnered plenty of media scores for what she literally clutched along.
Weighing an equivalent of 40 carats, this Cleopatra purse (pictured topmost) featured 1,600 hand paved diamonds with 18-carat gold front flap, and the base fabrication being metallic silver tinted alligator leather from Louisiana. In order to give a more personalized touch, there was a pink gold on the front flap, along with 2-carat natural pink diamonds to inscribe ‘Li BingBing’ on the front. Taking…

Swarovski-studded chocolates for $10,000 from Harrods

Today its time to make a fuss of some more extravagant indulgence by bringing the £5000 ($10,000) Swarovski-studded chocolates to your notice. Since chocolate, dark, mild or white, with nuts or liqouriced are much affordable for meager salaried folks like me too, the well-heeled clan will seek a similar product but with a WOW factor of course. And so to make their day, Harrods has launched this collection with exclusively designed packaging by Lebanese chocolatier, Patchi. Hand wrapped in Indian silk, Patchi has presented them on suede leather with gold and platinum linings. This sumptuous box houses 49 chocolates, each topped with Swarowski crystal flowers or a delicate silk rose. Though nothing has been mentioned about it’s the ediblity of the crystal flowers or silk rose, I’m sure they are just added on for decoration only. Unlike the previously covered Gold and Diamond Chocolates that sported edible gold and diamonds.

Diamond-studded chocolate cake for lovers

pop up the question in a lavish style with this chocolate cake topped with 15 African diamonds and covered with 24-karat gold leaf. A 21-year old businessman, Angelito Araneta Jr, got his catering company to come up with this diamond-studded cake for use as a marriage proposal gift. The cake sells for 124,000 pesos, i.e. $2,569.

Cacheux bespoke sapphire edition

The unique timepiece has 4 options, which will have a few things similar amongst them. The 1st in the series is the Bespoke Blue Sapphire edition, which has 29 carats of round cut sapphires diamonds and rose cut rubies. Set within a 18-Karat white gold casing, each of the precious stones along the side and even the interiors have been set by hand, after more than 6 months of hard work on each unit. This also would include the personal message inscription, and the particular edition number engraving on the case-back.
On the dial, which has a white gold base, would see a whole series of baguette cut diamonds, and sapphires, along with the golden hands. The lower end sees the tourbillion movement exposed for all to see, which uniquely bears a single barrel movement. With a 120-hour power reserve and vibration rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour, there is also water resistance of this mechanism till a depth of 50 meters of water. The strapping however, is personally made to order after me…

World's most iconic Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce expected to fetch $3.2 million at auction

This vehicle had been the prized procession of many famous collectors in the past including John M. Stephens (a Rolls Royce connoisseur), John C. Sword, Denis de Ferranti, who had given the vehicle the truly deserving royal status, it was meant to get. One of the first pieces in the series, the Silver Ghost came gave the reputation to the Rolls Royce Company, as the maker for the ‘Best car in world’ as judged by Autocar magazine. What also makes this a collector’s item, is the fact that it’s a part of a series which did not have much luck in the 2 World Wars, as most of them were destroyed during those periods. By the virtue of being under the shadow of the most famous car owners, this particular unit (chassis no. 1907) remains perfectly intact, and almost as good as new. After looking at such a journey over the years, no wonder, that in mid-1960s’, the noted toymaker Corgi Toys to be a part of their Corgi classic series. This also ended up giving this car its nickname ‘The Corgi’ R…

Oscar statues which fetched $3 million at auction

When it came to the Oscars awards and the momentous statue, there is little monetary value attached to it and is more known for the pride and honor it brings along. But now, these symbols seem to have a price tag attached to them, as proved by this auction price, and a good amount of cash at that. With the $3 million in winning bids, many memorable trophies changed hands including the likes of 1933 Oscar for Cavalcade which fetched $332,165, 1931 Oscar for Best Director (Norman Taurog) for the movie ‘Skippy’ which bought in $301,973, and Best Picture Award for ‘How green was my valley’ which fetched $274,520. The event organized by noted auctioneer Nate D Sanders. However, this brings to light a very interesting award of the award history. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had initially introduced a special contract with all winners of the award, which prevented them from selling their trophies, but only had a nominal fine attached of $1. However, with this auction even…

Karim Rashid’s Revelation - Exclusive collection of $1 million spirit bottles

Empty bottles of alcohol don’t stand any importance for bibbers. Just hang on!Bombay Sapphire has come up with Revelation, a handmade crystal bottles adorned with posh gems and diamonds, which may magnetize even the richest and dead drinkers to adore the masterpiece, no matter whether it is empty or filled with intoxicated juice. None other than Garrard, Baccarat and Karim Rashid, foremost names in luxury and design, in collaboration designed the limited edition Revelation bottle. Representing the 10 botanical ingredients of Bombay Sapphire, for unparalleled taste, the bottle resembles a huge gemstone with 10 principal facets. The handmade crystal bottle is the first of a five-piece set that will be launched at five major international airports, i. e. London Heathrow airport on March 27, and New York, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney afterwards, for about three months. All the bottles will be finished peerlessly with sapphires and diamonds and have a price tag of $200,000each. Check the im…

Anja Rubik wears £125,000 jewel-encrusted shoes on the red carpet

The shoes had no less than 600 sparkling stones, totaling 360 carats. Polish supermodel Anja Rubik, aged 25, is the face of Giuseppe Zanotti. She wore the gem-studded shoes with a pale blue ostrich feather dress from Emilio Pucci and a matching pair of hoop earrings, flaunting the same briolette-cut stones as on her shoes. Rubik’s stilettos, along with the earrings, were auctioned off by Eva Herzigova for £125,000 to a private bidder in front of an A-list crowd, including Kanye West, Jane Fonda, Kirsten Dunst and Janet Jackson.

Let the music play on Swarovski Studded encrusted Vinyl killer

The Vinyl Killer, that's known for it's cute bus taking rounds of that record to churn out your favorite songs have come up with the Swarovski version of the bus. This Bling Bling edition is limited to just a few pieces and won't be available in case you get late. As far as the functioning part is concerned, the music is played when the needle placed at the bottom of the bus moves over the record when the bus encircles over it. That sounds cool. This crystal encrusted battery-operated mini bus created by Razyworks is available for $520.

The Pencil Bench - Unique, expensive, and comfy hopefully

I never thought the office furniture could be so colorful and lively. Designed by Boex Studio Creative Solutions, the Pencil Bench is made from 1600 individual pencils. You can even take out some of the pre-sharpened pencils and use them for writing. Although the unusual Pencil Bench has already the honor of winning various design awards over the last year, but it hasn't yet gone into commercial production. The unique Pencil Bench is valued at £1200 (US $2450), but I doubt if its design will be a comfort to your butts.

'Intimacy' begins a dialogue between tech and fashion

The Intimacy project is a leap in wearable technology which uses subtle intelligence to combine hiding and showing in fashion. Envisioned by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, Intimacy is sensuous technology getting closer and closer to one's skin so that it becomes intimate extensions of our skin. Developed by his lab, Studio RoosegaardeV2_Lab and fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra, the garments are made with wireless, interactive technologies and smart foils, which can become transparent. The smart foils are a custom material and have the capability of fading from transparent to white and vice versa, thus creating an intimate experience and a sensual display of disclosure. The illuminated globe or "pearl" contains a wireless device which communicates with the dress using RF Transmission. When the "pearl" is brought closer to the dress, the dress slowly becomes more transparent. Intimacy is about high-tech garments making dialogue with fashion.

Sauter Carbon's Ocean Supremacy is one of the largest and greenest superyachts in the world

The Ocean Supremacy prides itself for being one of the fastest and greenest superyacht in the world. With a capability to travel at speeds of up to 53 knots, it makes the vessel, virtually pirate proof and the engine provides the experience at 50% lower fuel consumption comparatively, which would come as relief to the owner as well. 
From the many power generating sources of the yacht, the main is the 9MW hybrid propulsion system which is complemented by diverse sources such as solar power, wind energy, wave, and biomass diesel fuel. For the solar energy there is the 70KW marine solar array which directs its power to a 2MW Llyods approved Lithium-ion based UPS which is ideally for a 14-knots speed journey, or rather a slow cruising one. As for the wind energy utilization goes, there is an auxiliary 200KW inflatable traction kite for a complete carbon neutral cruising, and is a complement to the solar powered cruising.
In terms of accommodation and amenities, the yacht will include 5 …

Chanel Joaillerie Spring 2012 celebrates 80th Anniversary with vintage theme

Chanel’s bejeweled enigmatic collection of Cosmos watch, the Céleste brooch, Etoile Filante bracelet and earrings is expected to add sparkle to the Chanel Joaillerie Spring 2012 exhibition. The display of Chanel’s vintage costume jewelry will be based on the 1932 Gabrielle Chanel's Exhibition de Bijoux en Diamants.
The 80th anniversary jewelry designs celebrate the boldness of the 1932 exhibits that heralded one-off high-end jewelry pieces reflecting Chanel's break free liberated spirit. Chanel's 1932 luxurious diamond jewelry collection marked a state of positive energy for jewelry designers in an environment clouded by the recessive economic gloom of the 1930s. Chanel's skill in conjoining diamond and colored stones added a new variation to the jewelry industry that reeled badly under the financial depression of the 1930s. The breakthrough Bijoux en Diamants stance brought back dazzling precious stones to the forefront of jewelry designing and revolutionized the ind…

Experience Invigorating 24 Hour Detox Spa Package At Mandarin Oriental, NYC

Antique Asian textiles, a clear glass Dale Chihuly sculpture beckons guests to experience “Nirvana” by undergoing rejuvenation at either the Amethyst Steam Room or cooling off in the rain forest shower. Better still, it could be worthwhile to experience Mandarin’s newly launched 24-Hour Detox Spa Package that help guests to burn off the extra calories gained during the cold winter months. The package promises to invigorate and detoxify the mind and body within a luxurious ambience.The package launched December 31, 2011 will be available through June 30, 2012. The luxurious offering seems viable between $1,630- $2,000 per person per night .There are incremental costs for any additional service or add-on guests. The 24 hour detox routine starts at the hotel’s check-in point and is based on a combination of ancient rituals and contemporary spa techniques. 

The treatment starts by applying oxygen-based serum that stimulate the body's circulatory and lymph systems. This process is fol…

Final Audio Design's $8,000 stainless steel headphones for the superheroes

Final Audio Design is all set to make a mark in the audio world of high-fidelity headphones with its Muramasa VIII. Stated as big, heavy and expensive, this is the first headphone audio cut out of stainless steel. Built to make leaps in the air with its exceptional steel structure and rock solid price tag of $8000. Though, the available details on Muramasa VIII are minimal, yet it has caught the eye of the media with its surprising sleek and bling design. The notable element to speak about this headphone is its weight of a total of 850 grams, more than double the standard headphones. Acknowledging the weight, the comfort aspect of this headband bare metal is a matter of wonder and concern.

Besides its mammonth size and weight, the pair of headphones is beyond imagination, with a curiously low impedance of only 16 ohms, considerably less than other noted and branded headphones, and a common output level of 112 dB, the product is build to deliver an exceptional musical experience. Spea…

Givori’s latest Cherie collection celebrates romance with vintage theme

The phone market is brimming with bespoke phone designers, and though most of them never fail to amaze us like Amosu, there is Givori too, whose mobile art always leaves us confused where the high-end tastes are concerned. Though they did get their act together with their Via Veneto range, they have gone overboard again with their latest Chérie collection, named after the French word for “darling,” and inspired by vintage 1920's love letters. The Cherie collection is produced on Nokia 8800 Carbon and BlackBerry 9700 Onyx. The handcrafted mobile sets feature vintage Swarovski crystals that are no longer being produced by Swarovski besides other vintage elements. Each phone comes with matching crystallized headset, a beautifully hand-made carry pouch crafted using green taffeta and antique lace, and a complimentary adorned compact mirror. The phones are designed in a limited edition of 50 individually numbered pieces, retailing at approx. $4,070 exclusively at select Axiom Telecom o…

Swiss-made Mattia Cielo jewelry watch dazzles at Baselworld

Since October last year, the Mattia Cielo brand has been spreading its wings big time. From the opening of its first boutique in Milan, and the current showing at the Baselworld event, the brand seems to have leaped into experimentation and innovation big time. Though its main forte remains jewelry designing, it has gone a step further to use similar lines of thought on a watch which would draw attention for its haute jewelry appearance and designing. Though the specifics haven’t been revealed, but it is known that the watch uses extensive amount rose gold, with individually crafted diamonds along side. The dial is where the sparkling stones are.
Other than the fabrication, its design is known to be unique as well. Like a bracelet which fits snuggly on the wrist, this jewelry styled watch uses a clasp to grip the wrist. The person behind the artistry is Massimiliano Bonoli, who happens to be the artist designer for the brand. He has also created other innovations like the pink gold b…

Steve Wynn plans Foxborough casino resort in New England

In an attempt to extend his chain of casino resorts, billionaire Steve Wynn has envisioned the Foxborough casino resort in New England. Based within the rural settings of the locality, this project is meant to be a luxurious offering for those who wish to hire lodging space, have fun filled evenings, enjoy gourmet dinners, or perhaps even hold meetings. Like most of his ambitious projects which are known worldwide for their extravagant design and concept like the Mirage Hotel exploding volcano, this facility will be a paradise for those belonging to the local community.
Mr. Wynn seems to have plenty of enthusiasm regarding what the project could do to his fortune, and for what his target audience would feel. In fact, he has already sent more than 7,000 glossy renderings of the project, along with the complete details of what is to be constructed in the end, to the local residents. His package even included a 20-minute DVD with the detailing, and site of construction as proposed near …

The "Lady of Luxury" Champagne & DJ Rolls-Royce is for sale at $328,000

The concept of turning a classic Rolls Royce into something may be used corporate events, parties or exhibitions was bought in by designing house Vander Bijl Designs, who have given the classic car, a rather modern but sophisticated avatar, which is also available for sale at $327,909 (€250,000). The Lady of Luxury is a custom build one off Rolls-Royce inspired by classic Riviera boats with mahogany lining on the car’s interiors. The luxury saloon's back is fitted with a mahogany interior, and can be used as either a DJ stage or platform for cocktail servers. The car is equipped with state-of-the-art speakers, an iPod docking station, and for the mobile bar, it features a fully equipped walnut wooden bar, 21 champagne coolers, which could double to store other beverages, along with a special champagne dispenser on the front grill using the ‘Flying Lady’ Rolls-Royce mascot. For this reason, they have featured some distinct features which would include the 5 batteries, 4 gel batter…

Artist integrates guitar into glass table

We have earlier told you about the furniture inspired from racing cars, including the coffee table made from original crashed Ferrari parts. Along the same lines of designer Charly Molinelli of Crashed Ferrari table fame, is Chris Chappell’s glass and steel coffee table, integrated with a keef smashed electric guitar. The artist, Chris was always interested in integrating his sculptures into more challenging and functional roles, and he even learned ‘Arc weld’ to specifically create this rocking coffee table for music lovers. Like the automotive artwork, the guitar sculpture is a perfect means to reflect your musical inclinations even if you actually can't play a guitar. According to Chris Chappell, it was quite challenging for to create the right looking sculpture with all the new materials. He wanted to give an illusion that a shattered guitar is floating in mid-air below the glass, and apparently, he became successful. At present, this coffee table piece is Chappell’s personal…

World's first iPhone Damask Edition is decorated with a whole plate of Damascus steel

Sun & Moon Jewelry Studio has gone for an all-steel look with its iPhone Damask Edition, which is the world’s first iPhone decorated with a whole plate of Damascus steel. However, the use of Damascus steel to phones is not new, as Nokia’s luxury division Vertu has already used it in its Ascent Ti collection. Based on symbolism, bionics and numerology, the studio has created an innovative design for iPhone with the use of steel and jewels, making it an exclusive piece to appeal to the elite buyers. Speaking of the iPhone Damask Edition, it’s a part of Sun & Moon’s special project in conjunction with Bon-Cadeau, the Russian gunsmiths. The phone is made with the use of unparalleled technology and with the precision assembly of all components as 0.05mm, same as the assembly of aircraft engine. The protective frames on the front and rear of iPhone Damask edition are specially made of Alloy composite Steel- 40H15 N14VK, the steel with hardness equal to 225 HRC and is used for manufa…

Fabergé’s Romanov necklace is a diamond studded collar with ethically mined emeralds

The latest is Romanov necklace, one of the most elegantly crafted jewelry pieces from the legendary house of Fabergé, which was the most talked about jewelry designs in the run up to the recently concluded Oscar season. Fabergé’s Romanov necklace glorifies modern-day style and is embedded with emerald and diamonds in its collar, which made it look like a piece of royal jewellery. The Romanov bejeweled collar commemorates the genius of Peter Carl Fabergé and is a re-worked piece from the Fabergé design archives of 1885. The white gold vintage extravaganza is designed to fall all over and embellish the neckline and the shoulder in the form of an open network of trellis. Opulent emeralds and white rounded shimmery diamonds along with rose diamonds have been tirelessly set into the trellis network. 
2225 gemstones totaling 363.48 carats forms the major hallmark of this jewelry piece. The other settings in the necklace includes round white diamonds, totaling 98.15 carats and rose- cut dia…

The Best Of Spring/Summer 2012 Shoes Collection

The 2012 Spring /Summer shoe frenzy looks promising for heels and mules. Top-end designers like Canadian Jerome C. Rousseau reiterates once again that when it comes to shoes, heels signify fashion! This “well heeled” concept seems to be the mantra for most design house this season including top stylists Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Gaetano Perrone, Prada and D&G. The other innovations come from Stuart Weitzman and his range of satin or suede dress shoes, boots and booties.
Following the trend is Burberry with its woven leather platform boots this Spring/Summer 2012. At a range close to $1,600, this woven leatherand raffia ankle boots with high wedges adds to the aura of bohemian dressing for city slickers. The platform boots comprises of intricately woven leather design with leather lacing at the ankle and peep-toe feature. The Burberry logo is embossed on the metal zip-pull.
The Australian, limited edition Whooga ugg boots is set to pre-empt competition by…