The LaFerrari is ferrari's answer to the bugatti supercar and the Mclaren P1, It boast 949HP and 663 lbs/ft of torque and can achieve a top speed of over 218 MPH. The LaFerrari is the replacement to the ferrari enzo and for that reason it has a similar price range, starting above USD$1 Million. With the rarity of ferrari producing only 499 LaFerrari's period has driven the value to just under USD$4 Million. Can you blame the rich for buying up all 499 of them in just 1 years time! With an insane 0-60 speed in just 3 seconds and 0-100 in 7 seconds the LaFerrari is one bad ass racing machine.

The LaFerrari has one of the most unique designs of any other ferrari on the plant which is part of ferraris innovation. The design serves a way to increase aerodynamics and lower the cars center of gravity as much as possible. Ferrari's unique design does not impose on cabin space or comfort of the vehicle.  The interior has mix between race car and a comfortable luxury automobile, to give drivers to unlimited racing experience and driving experience. Oh and did we forget its a hybrid! Yes the LaFerrari has an electric hybrid motor that produces 160HP, so you can drive fast and save on emissions.

In conclusion the LaFerrari is a perfect high performance vehicle sporting fuel efficiency with its electric motor, a comfortable interior an amazing looking exterior that also surveys as the most innovative exteriors in ferrari's history and to top it off the rarity of being the only one in your area with one. This is truly the vehicle to own if you have the money and you won't regret a second of it.

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