World's most expensive e-cigarette covered in 246 diamonds

A wealthy Russian billionaire's girlfriend who has everything but wants to give up smoking - at a cost of more than half a million pounds.A Russian oil tycoon, who requested anonymity, ordered as a gift to his girlfriend an electronic cigarette for 550,000 pounds (about 890,000 dollars).  The £550,000 diamond encrusted custom-made electronic vaping machine was manufactured on the personal order of an anonymous London-based Russian oil magnate.The masterpiece - which took four and a half months to create - is laden with 246 flawless two-carat clear crystal diamonds each worth £1,800. 

One source said: 'It is lined with 46 yellow Swarovski crystals and has a six-carat oval diamond worth £46,000 on the tip.' It also features 'authentic hand blown Italian glass from the Venetian island of Murano' and is finished with 24-carat gold button and clearomizer base.

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