Worlds most expensive Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath featuring over 40 glittering diamonds and rubies was launched this week. Costing a cool $4,645,800, the 138.83 carat wreath is made to order and takes just under a week to create.
The start of the piece is a 17.49 carat ruby, which is offset by a 3.03 carat yellow diamond.
Designed by top Finnish florist Pasi Jokinen-Carter, the wreath is made from some of the most luxurious flowers in the world, including Hedera berries, Nobilis, lingonberry and blueberry stems and hand-curled eucalyptus leaves.The wreath also features Helleborus flower heads, one of which holds no fewer than 22 loose diamonds totaling 2.64 carats. The gems are all removable and can be added to next year’s wreath.

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