The Armateur Blazer

The Armateur Blazer is highly customized and can be made of wool, a silk blend, polyester, or cashmere based on your climate and preference. Only 78 will be created. The reason why is a secret that is revealed to clients after exceeding their expectations. Each Armateur Blazer is individually marked by Palnau and locked in an aluminum briefcase with a numerical lock until it reaches its new owner. Who has one? Currently there are 2 Armateur Blazers in circulation aside from the prototype used for modeling. The other 2 have been sold to Ship-owners who would like to remain anonymous. Owner’s list: • $4,800 Greek Ship-owner based in New York. Wool with customized lining. • $7,900 Turkish Ship-owner based in Istanbul. Cashmere with customized lining and buttons.

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