Peraves MonoTracer Electric MTE-150

Applauded for its top performance and passenger comfort, this luxury electric bike was designed and developed by Switzerland based Peraves AG. The art-deco, tech-savvy, e-bike is truly matchless, featuring a “Kevlar monocoque cabin powered via a 3rd generation 150 kW drive-train system from AC Propulsion;” in laymen’s terms it distributes a jaw dropping 200 ‘brake horsepower or ‘bhp’. This e-bike features a variety of luxury elements such as a high-end stereo system, temperature control, and of course, fancy hot wheels stabilizing you when you stop; yes they pop out when the bike comes to a hault! The MTE-150 ranges from $79,769- $106,640 for the top model, and gives a new meaning to the term, ‘0 to 60 in five’!

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