Saleen’s Modified Model S

Saleen Automotive has finally revealed its zero-emission project, a modified version of the Tesla Model S dubbed the Saleen Four Sixteen. Saleen, made famous by a string of high-performance Ford Mustangs as well as its own S7 super car, revealed the Four Sixteen over the weekend. The car is based on the range-topping P85 version of the Tesla Motors  sedan and features enhanced performance, technology, and design. The biggest giveaway that this isn’t your ordinary Model S is the front bumper, which Saleen says is fully functional. It works in conjunction with a new hood, carbon fiber rear diffuser and trunk lid spoiler, plus additional aero pieces under the car. The upgrades are said to help channel air around the car, thus reducing drag. At the same time, the upgrades also improve down force at the rear of the car.

 Although the P85’s stock 416-horsepower rating remains, for the FourSixteen Saleen has added an all-new 11.39:1 final gear ratio for quicker acceleration. Also new is a custom locking differential that allows each wheel to efficiently apply rotational force, helping improve the handling. The electronic stability control has been modified to allow power to be maintained longer during cornering, and Saleen engineers have also added new wheels, tires and brakes.

 Inside, Saleen has lined most of the surfaces in leather, available in multiple hues. There are also new carbon fiber dash accents, Alcantara suede inlays for the seats, and a custom center console that adds additional storage including a cupholder. The final stroke of interior craftsmanship draws attention to the seat shells which have been color matched to the leather. This baby is staring  price starts at $152,00.

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