The Stone Mansion- An American Masterpiece

Designed as the ultimate home and built for many generations to come, The Stone Mansion is neither ostentatious nor shy. At 30,000 square feet on five floors, built of solid granite and steel infrastructure, extraordinary finish details, ultimate privacy and security, and construction specifications rarely seen outside of commercial construction many times its size, this is a magnificent structure that doesn’t forget it’s a home first of all. The stone mansion was first up for sale at $60 million then was taken off the market for a while and re-listed at $50 million. The stone mansion was once again taken off the market, there is no word on if the home has sold or not.

Location and settings: 

The Stone Mansion is situated on the fabulous former Frick estate in historic Alpine, New Jersey – a community just eight miles from New York City known for its tranquil setting and power-broking residents.


With 12 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, indoor basketball court, movie theatre, 11-car garages, 4000-bottle wine cellar, the stone mansion can be sure to keep guest entertained for hours on end.

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