World's most iconic Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce expected to fetch $3.2 million at auction

 This vehicle had been the prized procession of many famous collectors in the past including John M. Stephens (a Rolls Royce connoisseur), John C. Sword, Denis de Ferranti, who had given the vehicle the truly deserving royal status, it was meant to get. One of the first pieces in the series, the Silver Ghost came gave the reputation to the Rolls Royce Company, as the maker for the ‘Best car in world’ as judged by Autocar magazine. What also makes this a collector’s item, is the fact that it’s a part of a series which did not have much luck in the 2 World Wars, as most of them were destroyed during those periods. By the virtue of being under the shadow of the most famous car owners, this particular unit (chassis no. 1907) remains perfectly intact, and almost as good as new. After looking at such a journey over the years, no wonder, that in mid-1960s’, the noted toymaker Corgi Toys to be a part of their Corgi classic series. This also ended up giving this car its nickname ‘The Corgi’ Rolls Royce.

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