World's first iPhone Damask Edition is decorated with a whole plate of Damascus steel

Sun & Moon Jewelry Studio has gone for an all-steel look with its iPhone Damask Edition, which is the world’s first iPhone decorated with a whole plate of Damascus steel. However, the use of Damascus steel to phones is not new, as Nokia’s luxury division Vertu has already used it in its Ascent Ti collection. Based on symbolism, bionics and numerology, the studio has created an innovative design for iPhone with the use of steel and jewels, making it an exclusive piece to appeal to the elite buyers. Speaking of the iPhone Damask Edition, it’s a part of Sun & Moon’s special project in conjunction with Bon-Cadeau, the Russian gunsmiths. The phone is made with the use of unparalleled technology and with the precision assembly of all components as 0.05mm, same as the assembly of aircraft engine. The protective frames on the front and rear of iPhone Damask edition are specially made of Alloy composite Steel- 40H15 N14VK, the steel with hardness equal to 225 HRC and is used for manufacturing blades with high cutting properties. About the use of Damascus steel, its pattern looks beautiful, and is made with each plate of 120 to 300 layers of steel.

The apple logo on this iPhone Damask Edition is made of 16K gold, with an optional upgrade to 18K gold, palladium or platinum. Further, the ‘Home’ button is made from natural topaz, and buyer can also demand the upgrade with the use of alexandrite, emerald, garnet or sapphire.

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