Swiss-made Mattia Cielo jewelry watch dazzles at Baselworld

Since October last year, the Mattia Cielo brand has been spreading its wings big time. From the opening of its first boutique in Milan, and the current showing at the Baselworld event, the brand seems to have leaped into experimentation and innovation big time. Though its main forte remains jewelry designing, it has gone a step further to use similar lines of thought on a watch which would draw attention for its haute jewelry appearance and designing. Though the specifics haven’t been revealed, but it is known that the watch uses extensive amount rose gold, with individually crafted diamonds along side. The dial is where the sparkling stones are.

Other than the fabrication, its design is known to be unique as well. Like a bracelet which fits snuggly on the wrist, this jewelry styled watch uses a clasp to grip the wrist. The person behind the artistry is Massimiliano Bonoli, who happens to be the artist designer for the brand. He has also created other innovations like the pink gold bracelet (pictured above), which is fabricated with rose gold, white diamonds, and pink tourmalines. It has been included in the Rugiada collection. However, some of his Iguana collection offerings have also been featured displayed below.

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