Swarovski-studded chocolates for $10,000 from Harrods

 Today its time to make a fuss of some more extravagant indulgence by bringing the £5000 ($10,000) Swarovski-studded chocolates to your notice. Since chocolate, dark, mild or white, with nuts or liqouriced are much affordable for meager salaried folks like me too, the well-heeled clan will seek a similar product but with a WOW factor of course. And so to make their day, Harrods has launched this collection with exclusively designed packaging by Lebanese chocolatier, Patchi. Hand wrapped in Indian silk, Patchi has presented them on suede leather with gold and platinum linings. This sumptuous box houses 49 chocolates, each topped with Swarowski crystal flowers or a delicate silk rose. Though nothing has been mentioned about it’s the ediblity of the crystal flowers or silk rose, I’m sure they are just added on for decoration only. Unlike the previously covered Gold and Diamond Chocolates that sported edible gold and diamonds.

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