Steve Wynn plans Foxborough casino resort in New England

In an attempt to extend his chain of casino resorts, billionaire Steve Wynn has envisioned the Foxborough casino resort in New England. Based within the rural settings of the locality, this project is meant to be a luxurious offering for those who wish to hire lodging space, have fun filled evenings, enjoy gourmet dinners, or perhaps even hold meetings. Like most of his ambitious projects which are known worldwide for their extravagant design and concept like the Mirage Hotel exploding volcano, this facility will be a paradise for those belonging to the local community.

Mr. Wynn seems to have plenty of enthusiasm regarding what the project could do to his fortune, and for what his target audience would feel. In fact, he has already sent more than 7,000 glossy renderings of the project, along with the complete details of what is to be constructed in the end, to the local residents. His package even included a 20-minute DVD with the detailing, and site of construction as proposed near the Gillette Stadium. The project would include multiple facilities which include the retail stores, spa, gambling rooms with slot machines, and also table games. Since the volume of the crowd is known to be huge, there will be a 5,000-car garage parking space, with an additional pedestrian pathway connecting it to Patriot place. The total estimate of the project value is around $1 billion.

But the plans don’t end here. Mr. Wynn has even decided to create a special skating rink, which will be running all year round and perhaps even hold local competitions too! The other beneficial aspect of this whole project in terms of revenue is the estimated $10-15 million which the council would earn in taxes, which in turn could be used for the overall betterment of the area. But like most things great, Mr.Wynn’s efforts are being dampened by the Anti-casino groups who have not yet voted in favor of the project, and the decision still seems to be pending. Some of the locals too seem to be in doubt, but no one knows which way the decision will swing.

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