Sauter Carbon's Ocean Supremacy is one of the largest and greenest superyachts in the world

The Ocean Supremacy prides itself for being one of the fastest and greenest superyacht in the world. With a capability to travel at speeds of up to 53 knots, it makes the vessel, virtually pirate proof and the engine provides the experience at 50% lower fuel consumption comparatively, which would come as relief to the owner as well. 

From the many power generating sources of the yacht, the main is the 9MW hybrid propulsion system which is complemented by diverse sources such as solar power, wind energy, wave, and biomass diesel fuel. For the solar energy there is the 70KW marine solar array which directs its power to a 2MW Llyods approved Lithium-ion based UPS which is ideally for a 14-knots speed journey, or rather a slow cruising one. As for the wind energy utilization goes, there is an auxiliary 200KW inflatable traction kite for a complete carbon neutral cruising, and is a complement to the solar powered cruising.

In terms of accommodation and amenities, the yacht will include 5 guests’ rooms, including the owner’s master suite. This master suite is known to have a king size bed, luxury 3-seater sofa, flat-screen television, wi-fi internet and a movie and music library. The ensuite bathroom will have a double Jacuzzi apart from a walk-in dressing room with vanity counter. Outside the suite, there are arrangements for enjoying a panoramic view of the exterior. However, the other suites will have all of these amenities, except that the beds will be queen sized, and the private access to the main bridge won’t be possible. Also these suites shall be meant for 2 guests each making the total capacity of the boat to be around 10 guests, and 8 members of the crew who have separate areas for themselves.

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