Philippe Starck's Volteis $40k electric car is for those who have it all

This Electric vehicle seems perfect for those in love with the 60’s theme of golf carts, and whose daily travel could very well do without the usual kind of cars known to us.With what we see in most electric cars from the big auto companies, they fit into a similar category of even if they are designed into an eco-friendly design like the V+ Volteis. But this vehicle seems to have taken a different route altogether with the absence of side panel doors, and also the large windscreen giving the whole concept a very airy look, though very simplistic in appeal. By these looks itself, one can easily figure out, that most of the features that other high-end cars would not be a part of the package but then the maintence factor is a main factor. The build design is such that the cart remains ultra-low maintence throughout its working life, for majority of the expensive and rather complicated components don’t exist. Just the frame hardware and the electric motor system are all there are to take care of. Even the upholstery inside is limited to the seat alone, which too is crafted out of a low maintence fabric.

Instrumentation has also been kept to the bare minimum. A bottle shaped gauge meter above the steering wheel tells the speed and the charging level of the battery. In about 2 hours, 50% of the charging is taken care of from its charging ports while a 100% charging takes close to 6 hours. This means taking short family trips or to the local grocery store isn’t about guzzling fuels anymore, and vehicle keeps running all the while with electrical charge alone. However, the top speed limit remains at 40 m/ph, which says it isn’t about city wide tours either.At the recent Geneva Auto Show, this vehicle did make an appearance, and had quiet the fan following. It has also been revealed that it will be distributed through 15 stores in France currently, before any further expansion.

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