One-off Lamborghini Aventador J Aural Assault sports $2.75 Million price tag

The Geneva Motor Show just could be the biggest accumulation to exotic offerings in the world of automobiles, for this year. When one sees examples like the Morgan Electric E Plus and the Bentley EXP 9F SUV, one could easily come to a similar conclusion like we have. The latest exotica we came across were the Lamborghini Aventador J Aural Assualt, which happens to be the most exclusive car in the world right now. Produced as a one-off piece, this car was commissioned by a private buyer in Europe who has indeed ordered some extra generous endowments on this high priced vehicle, which in his case cost $2.75 million.

Like most racing vehicles, this car has a 2-seater configuration, but the engine’s high speed capabilities have ensured that it looks somewhat like a fighter jet for the roads. The machine under the hood is a 700 HP 6.5-liter powerhouse that can take this 1,575 kg car up to speeds in excess of 300 km /ph. Needless to say, the rest of the vehicle’s design needed to match up to this standard in a way that the rider feels comfortable along with enjoying the high speed thrills associated with it. Hence, comes the main chassis of the car which has been created out of carbon fiber, making it ultra-light in weight but high on strength and durability. For what is known as the Lamborghini specialty of using re-enforced polymers in the fabrication, this Aventador J Aural Assault stands as a glaring example of that.

From what we can gather, the person driving the vehicle would need the adequate clothing to go with the high-speed driving. Hence, we feel the biker-like suits to go with this, as the car has an open top design. This would mean an extreme high amount of wind pressure, though largely taken care of by the winglets and the air vents located on the sides. On the interior, there is a minimalistic feel with the single toned look to the entire space with the black color of the leather seats with a single red stripe, the central control panel with TFT screen, and also the flooring. There is also the special audio-system to call for a musical cruise at those break neck speeds! Hopefully, this might show us plenty of sightings of the car which was only immortalized by the Aventador gold and Aventador carbon fiber miniature models.

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