Niyama Resort is Maldives' one of the most romantic luxury resort

The Niyama Resort boasts of 87 luxury studios and pavilions, with each having a different setting, with 5-star amenities all around. These suites, along with the other common areas, are actually spread over 2 islands, adding a touch of exotic architecture to the settings. The rent per night begins at $650. The options include:
· Beach Studio- Other than having secluded exposure to the beach area, this category of studio is known to boast of an outdoor bathroom, apart from an extensive deck area. Other amenities in the studio include air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, individual telephone, flat screen TV set, and also a mini-fridge which will have special delicacies stocked.
· Deluxe Beach Studio- Unlike the generic option, this beach studio boasts of its special private swimming pool with fiber optic lighting system. Under the dark skies, the view of this part of the suite is virtually unparalleled, and the experience too. The other amenities in the studio remain the same.
· Beach Pavilion- One of the higher category of rooms, the guests putting up in one of the beach pavilions boast of a 24-hour butler service, apart from having its own swimming pool. Other similar level of amenities would include the exclusive access of the beach and deck space part from the standard supplies and facilities of the individual telephone, TV-set, mini-fridge, and also tea and coffee making places.

· Beach Residence- Though based largely around the theme of the pavilion, the residence specialty is the private dining alcove, which makes the setting rather personal and secluded as well.
·Water Studio & Deluxe Water studio- Rather similar in theme to the beach studios, this room boasts of highly pristine views of the Indian Ocean, apart from its own swimming pool, and separate living area. The main differentiation with the deluxe variant is the variety of the amenities in the room.
· Water Pavilion with private pool- Though principally the same as the other pavilion, the added advantage would be the 2 bedrooms which one could avail. Unlike the other rooms, the bedrooms are a separated space in here.

Maldives boasts of its own cuisine which remains a favorite amongst tourists. The Niyama boasts of 4 restaurants with each having its specialty cuisine to serve.
· Niyama Maldives signature restaurant- One of the most exclusive eateries of the resort, this set up is a part of the outlet built 500 meters offshore, hence accessible only by boat. It also boasts of the world’s first underwater nightclub.
· Epicure- This outlet serves many delicacies from the international arena apart from the local cuisine. Meals include the gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner.
· Fahrenheit- Just like the word suggests, this is a bar set up on the rooftop area of the resort. The specialty of this outlet is the plethora of innovative cocktails on the menu.
· Tribal- Unlike the name, this outlet is designed like a modern campsite, where traditional cuisine from Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia are served. Live cooking is also quiet the sight to soak in with the woks, hot rock grills, Asado grills, and open fires.

Spa: The spa facility of the resort offers the flexibility of having a 24-hour operational cycle, which is rather unique in itself. Other notable features would the ladies and gents saloon, a rather wide range of exotic treatments and massages, apart from a contemplation garden. There is also an attached juice bar to enjoy fruity delicacies.

Other leisure facilities: 24-hour gymnasium with modern equipment, Nintendo game set, remote control boats and buggies, arts studio, weekly movie nights, water sports, marine biology laboratory, apart from underwater meeting room.

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