LUXA2 crystallized HTPC range and iPhone holder defy recession

The crystallized products territory has not seen a slowdown even in the economic meltdown. The elite of society are still spending, though a bit more cautiously. But the designers of the high-end brands perfectly know how to rub the rich the right way by making it as much about style and flair as it is about the technology. LUXA2, a division of Thermaltake, is all set to showcase its latest sparkling innovations, made of crystallized Swarovski elements. The sparkling catalog features Swarovski-studded HTPC enclosures, NB coolers, NB stands and mobile holders. The customized range features the LM200 Touch Crystal, M1-Pro Crystal, M2 Crystal and H1-Touch Crystal with a total of 56,888 polished crystals in-layed by experienced craftsman with attentive hand-craftsmanship for around $38,000. LUXA2’s motto is to represent an emerging trend of “Individuality” in the world; it is an art of living incorporated with the product presentation. The glittering HTPC models LM200 and LM300 feature a 7" screen with full HD resolution and touch interface. There’s no qualms in saying that the rich clamor onto everything that adds bling to their lifestyle, but LUXA2 has acted smart to break away from the monotonous trend of blinging iPhones – what say you?

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