Louis Vuitton’s $101,000 Minaudière symbolizes Vuitton-Marc Jacobs eternal partnership

The French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton is known for its accessories; from traditional to one-of-a-kind luxury goods, the brand is favorite with fashionistas and collectors alike.At $101,000, the couture bag design is definitely the most desirable object and a must-have for eager fashionistas.Elusive or not, the D’ Oeuf Minaudiere design launch symbolizes the celebrated partnership between founder Louis Vuitton and creative director Marc Jacobs. Their eternal partnership was on display at an exhibition that witnessed a grand opening at the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris this weekend. The exhibition marks the homecoming for Vuitton who started his career as a trunk packer for rich Parisians and finally set up shop in 1854. The exhibition reinstated Vuitton and Jacobs’ insights into the history of fashion while also focusing on the advent of artistic talent and craftsmanship, technological advances, styles and artistic collaborations.

The fifteen long years of Vuitton’s creative handbag collection was frozen in an exhibit that displayed Vuitton handbags within a giant chocolate-box. The exhibition is a retrospection of the brilliance of the legendary duo-Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at the Le Arts Decoratifs in Paris. The exhibits attempt to portray the genius of these two men from two different centuries with the aim of bringing out the common element that lends creativity and ingenuity to their individual characters!The design portfolio of the Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 compliments Vuitton’s theme of sustaining a light airy spirit in its collection this year. The idea is to play with leather by giving it soft shapes and pastel shades for a ready-to-wear balanced appeal!

The high-point of the collection, the dainty Coquille D’ Oeuf Minaudiere has been put together using 12, 500 pieces of eggshells! Patient craftsmanship for over 600 hours tackled the making of the monogram mosaic for this couture bag design.

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