Graff Aqua Sense shower turns your shower into a spa

When you have a sense of luxury and necessary means to indulge in it, why not turn a daily chore like bathing, into a luxury endowed experience? To cater to such demands of the rich, designer editions of showers have been created, such as the Avatar shower, Zazzeri Shower head, and the Aquapeutics luxury steam shower. For all those looking for even further options, the technologically advanced Graff Aqua Sense shower is here to turn you’re bathing experience into a truly luxurious one. With sensor system imbedded, and also the advantage of turning on your favorite music alongside, it’s about turning your showering space into a mini-spa.

Targeted at those who like innovation and aesthetics in their gizmos, this shower incorporates several things that does indeed make it commendable. The most prominent one is of course the sensory system, which adjusts the water flow as per the usage patterns. Because of the sensory system, the flow gets adjusted automatically hence preventing a lot of water wastage in the long run. After all, water seems to indeed become more and more precious with them! Also the waterfall-like experience is pretty much obvious from the specialized system embedded in this, making the bathing experience soft and more pleasureable than it already was. Now comes the color therapy mechanism in the shower set. With the 4 colored LED lighting system, different shades will change from time, making the bath experience more soothing than it already was, and the best part of it all is that its easily controllable.
Featuring a touch screen control panel, one can change the lighting, water flow intensity, and even the music. With the help of docking an iPod or plugging a music player through the USB port, one’s favorite music is always there at near hand. If further entertainment does it, than the videos could be enjoyed alongside the experience. In other words, the shower head converts a simple shower into a complete relaxation and entertainment experience. In terms of aesthetics, it’s all about modern minimalistic elegance, crafted out high grade stainless steel. Fitted easily on to any kind of a wall, beauty of the bathing space gets highlighted too. So, just in case you are ready to splurge and make sure your time in the bathroom is indeed memorable, try the Graf Aqua Sense shower.

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