Experience Invigorating 24 Hour Detox Spa Package At Mandarin Oriental, NYC

Antique Asian textiles, a clear glass Dale Chihuly sculpture beckons guests to experience “Nirvana” by undergoing rejuvenation at either the Amethyst Steam Room or cooling off in the rain forest shower. Better still, it could be worthwhile to experience Mandarin’s newly launched 24-Hour Detox Spa Package that help guests to burn off the extra calories gained during the cold winter months. The package promises to invigorate and detoxify the mind and body within a luxurious ambience.The package launched December 31, 2011 will be available through June 30, 2012. The luxurious offering seems viable between $1,630- $2,000 per person per night .There are incremental costs for any additional service or add-on guests. The 24 hour detox routine starts at the hotel’s check-in point and is based on a combination of ancient rituals and contemporary spa techniques. 

The treatment starts by applying oxygen-based serum that stimulate the body's circulatory and lymph systems. This process is followed by a heat therapy wherein the body is subjected to a pattern of warming and cooling techniques. To enable spiritual and physical sync, the process also incorporates the ancient “Prana” healing method that helps rhythmic breathing.
The lymph system is invigorated through the ancient cupping massage technique that uses silicon cups to drain out toxins. A Himalayan Sea Salt and Chakra Therapy is part of the three hour intensive therapy that promises total body purification based on syncing in the beneficial elements of the earth, sea and air. The treatment terminates with a soothing facial massage.

The wellness detox program comprises of a body massage that is intended to bring about a state of equilibrium between the mind and body. The massage incorporates ingredients as exotic as heated Himalayan salt crystals to ‘mineralize’ the skin content and balance its pH for optimum skin protection. If interested in sustaining this treatment for long-term benefits, guests could receive take-home kits on request.
The Oriental Tea Lounge offers a healthy bento box dinner on completion of the detox therapy before the guests can retire for the evening. The next day, guests are offered six bottles of BluePrintCleanse Renovation Cleanse juices as part of the 24 hour Detox package. This is to encourage further release of toxins and to replenish vitamins and nutrients contents in the body system.
Guests can also avail of the complimentary 3-Day Cleanse book by Spa owners Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss that instructs and advices on how to sustain successful detox and cleansing practices.

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