Chanel Joaillerie Spring 2012 celebrates 80th Anniversary with vintage theme

Chanel’s bejeweled enigmatic collection of Cosmos watch, the Céleste brooch, Etoile Filante bracelet and earrings is expected to add sparkle to the Chanel Joaillerie Spring 2012 exhibition. The display of Chanel’s vintage costume jewelry will be based on the 1932 Gabrielle Chanel's Exhibition de Bijoux en Diamants.

The 80th anniversary jewelry designs celebrate the boldness of the 1932 exhibits that heralded one-off high-end jewelry pieces reflecting Chanel's break free liberated spirit. Chanel's 1932 luxurious diamond jewelry collection marked a state of positive energy for jewelry designers in an environment clouded by the recessive economic gloom of the 1930s.
Chanel's skill in conjoining diamond and colored stones added a new variation to the jewelry industry that reeled badly under the financial depression of the 1930s. The breakthrough Bijoux en Diamants stance brought back dazzling precious stones to the forefront of jewelry designing and revolutionized the industry that was challenged by the gloomy trends of the 1930s.
Highly coveted designs for Chanel’s 1932 commemorative 2012 version include the Comet Necklace adorned with a 15 carat diamond that is set in the heart of the star. The displayed question mark-shaped necklace in white gold drapes around the body design mimics the original 1932 edition bearing no clasps of fastenings.
The other Pièce de résistance is the Etoile Filante necklace that wraps round the neck, flowing into a string of diamonds and ends into a star shaped brooch. Chanel's very first tiara is one of the highlights of the exhibit.

The inclusion of the cuff-bracelet is seen as a noteworthy contender for Chanel’s fine Jewelry compilation. The 1995 piece comprises of 105 cultured spherical pearls embedded in a gold striped lattice set in yellow gold and mounted around with small round diamonds.

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