Acoustic Signature's marks its 15th anniversary with a $34k high end turntable

Times have changed, but the tastes of the classic audiophile still remains largely similar to what it always was. Despite digital options and hi-end tech gadgets to mix music, there are numerous people who would do anything to get themselves a turntable in order to listening to their music, just right. Last year, we had talked about some designer options like the Proscenium Black Diamond III and the OneDof Turntable, which lent their own distinctive touches to the records playing on them. Commemorating its 15th anniversary, German turntable maker Acosutic signature has introduced its flagship model, the ‘Ascona’ which now comes on the market with a price tag of $34,000 each.

Since this occasion was deemed a landmark year after starting operations in 1997, the company’s designs and technicians worked hand in glove to create something that would seal their place amongst the very best of turntable makers. Weighing in at around 176-lbs each, this turntable certainly isn’t the most compact or mobile device of its kind, but construction and design make up for that folly real good. Gunther Frohnhöfer, who happens to be the CEO as well, was the main brain behind designing this unique device. For that, he used 50mm thick solid aluminum platter, whose diameter was around 350mm, after which it was CNC milled in-house for the desired effect. The CNC coating was done with a very soft alloy to ensure the periodic resonance was optimally used. Next it involved the fitting of a solid brass silencer inserts, which would ultimately help reduce the resonance by the constraint dampening layer.

After this herculean task got underway, the other major challenge was to take care of the bearing noise which needed to reduce to the lowest levels possible. This meant that Mr. Gunther than created a structure out of solid hardened steel along with a carbide ball at the base and the self-lubricating bronze inserts which would be exact fits, really low noise, low friction, and rather stable for long term use. But, the engineering doesn’t end here. The turntable also includes the 12-inch tonearms, only 2 of which can be mounted at the same time. Also options for the surface of the turntable needed to be worked upon, which included the silver or black anodized finished, and the silencer which is available in chrome or Mesing. 

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