$7,000 Orchestral Fountain with built-in speakers & amp give a Vegas treatment to your backyard

Hammacher & Schlemmer has bought in the $7,000 orchestral fountain with built-in speakers and amplifier, giving your backyard an outrageous ‘Las Vegas’ style transformation. With the added advantage of adding a synchronized edition of your own music and with the play of water, this fountain adds a very different aesthetic dimension to your backyard space.

Controlled with the help of a computer chip located within, this cedar and bitch wood exterior fountain disperses water through 12 nozzles, along with playing a choreographed music in the background with synchronized background lighting. The 3 nozzles located at the center, sprays out 2 layers of water which have white LED’s functioning in the background, to add shine to the water. However, this functioning along with the music and lighting system, is done through the tablet computer, which can be used for selecting songs and lighting patterns from the given set of in-built options. The rather vibrant set of colored LED’s on the outer rim of the fountain bringing about a color play of water is thus on display. As for the songs go, users have 100 different melodies to pick and choose from, which play through the 200-watt speakers placed on the sides.

The other advantage of this fountain remains the recycling system, which prevents the use of a fresh water source during the entire length of performance. The water filled in initially, is filtered time and again to keep the music, water, and light synchronicity in order without wasting the resource in generous quantities. However, if there are more eco-friendly and less expensive options you are looking at, than the Cascade fountain is worth a look.

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