$5 Million Hublot Big Bang reimagined for Baselworld 2012

This watch has reimagined a $5 million Big Bang edition for the Baselworld 2012 event, making it the most expensive timepiece revealed at the event this year. Of the many diamonds raising its price tag, the 6 stones included among the 1,276 other ones, weighed more than 3 carats each raising the overall weight as well value of the watch.Like some of the previous editions, this watch features a white gold casing as well. The notable feat in the creation lies with the fact that, 17 people have spent 14 months of their time, to set more than 140 carats worth of diamonds on this timepiece! The reasoning we find for this tenuous exercise is the logistics associated with the best lot of the precious stone, which have been bought from different place around the world. Each of them had to undergo a strict selection procedure, where each stone was matched with the overall designing pattern to ensure a similar scheme of colors amongst them all. After that, a master cutter from New York, with 40 years experience behind his back had to chip in with his time, to ensure that nothing short of the perfection is achieved for the watch.

Just in case one thought that the price tag would deter people completely, should take back that thought as the Baselworld 2012 had some people placing their orders for the watch. The details of these customers are being kept under wraps, but we smell some billionaires around to snap this $5million Big Bang in their collection.

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