Tiffany ‘Aztec’ dagger designed in sterling, ivory sold for $105,000

Though most of the peace loving lot wouldn’t really pick a dagger under normal circumstances, but what if it is something gilded in sterling silver and ivory? A few years ago, we showed you the Taj Mahal gold dagger, which fetched a million dollar winning bid. And now, an undisclosed museum picked up the Tiffany’s ‘Aztec’ dagger for a sum of $105,000, at an auction event by Clarc’s Auction Gallery. History of this knife dates back to the year 1900, when this knife was created by G. Paulding Farnham, by working on premium fabrics such as sterling silver, ivory, and faceted obsidian. Amongst many parts of its design, the artwork around the handle depicting an Aztec god features as most prominent of the entire art piece’s beauty.The price paid for this historical artifact, brings forth more than just the high amount being paid for it; it also speaks for the interest that it can generate in this age, and more specifically work done by Mr. Farnham. Those who may not know, he was the chief jewelry designer for Tiffany’s from 1891 to 1908, and till date garners respect as one of the most high-profile, and finest craftsmen to have worked with them. From the many specimens of work that are known, this Aztec knife come across a special one, simply for the premium fabrication and the detailed artwork which one can see on its body. The ornamented handle and carved blade being rather symbolic of the Aztec culture, it also brings forth the use of a rare substance, specific to these people: the Faceted Obsidian. This special substance is generally known to be in use for creating instruments like daggers and large knives, as it helps in creating extra sharp and corrosion resistant blades.

With this sale, premium level collectors and investors have once again shown, how precious Mr. Farnham’s work’s are, also because of their rarity, and exotic designing. His primary sources inspirations were the Asian, Egyptian, Russian, and Celtic cultures, a specimen of which is this dagger. The artist’s works were even awarded in events like Paris Exposition Universelle in 1889, and also in 1900 where his silverware collection won the Grand Prize.

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