Third Rock Fire Pit

Ever since technology have stepped into the earth’s crust in an effort to explore it, it has always managed to uncover secrets which told a tale about the fiery core inside. May not be in the greatest detailing possible, but recreating symbol of the third rock from the sun with its core on your patio, is somewhat possible because of the Third Rock Fire Pit. Handcrafted from quarter of an inch thick carbon steel, this fire pit glorifies your patio or pathway with its fiery yet rustic look, adding aesthetics in its own unique way.Created by designer Rick Wittrig, this fire pit comes individually numbered, apart from being made on order as when the customers give a go-ahead. On the interior, where one can place logs of wood for lighting, the surface has been treated with heat resistant paint, which prevents any sort of mishap from occurring. On the outside, the Ferrous Oxide (Iron oxide) finishing has been applied to lend it a very rustic touch, so that in the long run when oxidation does take place, it doesn’t darken very much, and remains more or less the same. What this would also mean, is that the pit requires minimal maintenance, and would be rather easy to clean after the fire dies out.This set up, which is a total of 275-lbs in weight, will come at a cost of $1,679 each. But also do take a glance at the Rays of Light fire pit and the Sywawa Brandy pit design, resembling the shape of a brandy glass.

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