Tesla Model X

Amongst most new features in the car, the face-lifted power train has been the most interesting. Extending from near the front wheels to the rear end, it gives individualized sources of power to all the wheels, which ensures higher speeds and greater power output of the car (0-100 km/ph in less than 5 seconds). Also due to this new design, the spaciousness inside the car is fairly noticeable with the capacity to pack in 7 adults plus their luggage in the 3 rows of seats within the vehicle. With a centralized control panel, where most of the functions are monitored closely, make the operating of the car surprisingly easy. This means rough terrain driving will never be an issue on this all-wheel drive MUV. Also, since the backseat is where the kids of the family generally are seated, special care has been taken to ensure a stronger panel which can resist greater impact during accidents.Other notable additions on the MUV include the touch-screen GPS navigation system, and the parking cameras which are extremely useful during driving in packed spaces. Perhaps this is the reason, why one wouldn’t find a rear view mirror on the car, which is otherwise a standard feature on most cars. In terms of options, buyers can book from models which have different specifications in terms of distance covered by a single charge of battery; 160 miles, 230 miles, and 300 miles. The price tag would then vary depending upon this factor, but shall fall between $50,000-100,000 apart from the applicable taxes. For those that may be a bit surprised about the price tag, do note that the company has already sold out its first production run, and shall only open its booking counters next year. However, should you like to see another masterpiece from the carmaker, do check out the one-off Tag Heuer roadster, which was created in collaboration with the watch brand.

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