Saint Honore Opera ladies watch collection gets a diamond studded Black Eclair effect

The casing of the watch is a stainless steel structure, which has given Titanium toned PVD finish, along with a sapphire crystal covering for being resistant to scratches and also anti-glare. The blackness of the casing then stands in sharp aesthetic contrasts to the garland of glittering diamonds on the outer ring of the case, and also the 6 small pieces which reside on the 37mm wide dial between the hour markings. Of course, a 33mm version is available too, for those who would like a smaller option. Speaking of some further decorations, there is the Saint Honore branding just below the 12 o clock slot, along with the black and white date window at the 4 ‘o’clock slot. The hour markers are majorly there as single markings, though some at 3 hour intervals have been recreated in Roman numerals. Amongst the other notable feature is the Quartz movement housed inside the casing, but the minute details are not out as yet. With a water resistance till 30 meters depth, and also the black satin ‘Éclair’ effect strapping, its every bit the perfect accessory, for those have a penchant for ‘bling’ and classical aesthetics too.

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