Planika Quadro Gold fireplace

Designer fireplaces have emerged as an inseparable part of contemporary interior. That's why many companies are offering different and elegant fireplaces to suit the decor of your home. One such company is Planika that is well known for its range of designer bio fireplaces such as The Fire Box which is ideal to heat things up for a hot, romantic evening or a Fire Line Automatic that is fully automatic with a large LED display and can be operated with a remote control and many more. This fireplace has a frame made of 24 karat solid gold with dimensions of 75cm W/ 75cm H/ 22cm D. If you take a look at the eco-friendly aspect of this fireplace, Quadro gold is made completely free of smoke, fume and smell that make it absolutely ideal for your living room. The gold details fireplace is available at the cost of $4,475

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