Planar Mosaic architectural LCD tiles

Divided into smaller screens, they allow for placing in different patterns across varied surfaces, and also synchronizing any video or pictorial according to needs. The single most common issue that interior decorators and design freaks have today is the inflexibility of placing and mounting the video screens as per shape or pattern. To get them out of their dilemma, the Planar Mosaic tiles lets you mount the screens over an area in whichever pattern you may choose to do (rectangular, square, etc), while at the same time letting you synchronize what plays on them with equal ease. Using customary software and hardware, the output of the screens can be customized as per what you like. The Mosaic project designer software is what comes to your aid here.There are also a few options to look at in terms of shape and size. The Planar Salvador is the square tile LCD screen, which is 15.6 inches on each side, ideally meant to be spread over larger surface areas. On the other hand, The Planar Vincent is 48-inches wide and the Pablo edition stands wide at 40-inches, both of which are rectangular in shape making it easier to create abstract mosaic designs, within closer proximity of screens. The other practical advantages associated with the screens, are the Mosaic Power Supply modules which require no extra power sources behind each screen, enabling to save on electricity and mounting heat. Also the general hardware allows for almost full-proof wall mounting which can be customized into various convex and concave designs. Anyways, do check out the Cristin Tierney Gallery in New York between 16th February and 30th March, where the product goes on display. Might just give you some crazy ideas for decorating your wall, or simply video conference with ease.

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