Mouawad’s $6.8m snow white princess diamond watch

The Middle Eastern region for all the wealth they are known for, have many avenues to spend on, one of them being haute joaillerie especially diamonds. This ‘one-off’ ladies’ timepiece hits the right button on that count, by creating collectors’ item for the ladies, endowed with 233 colorless pieces of the precious stone, on an 18K white gold frame. With the craftsmanship experience of over 121 years behind them, Mouawad has taken great pains to create the ornamental chassis and wrist clasp of the exclusive watch. This was capsulated perfectly by Mr. Pascal Mouawad, who says
Mouawad is renowned for creating one-off items that use only the world’s finest gemstones and precious metals. The Snow White Princess Diamond Watch is a unique timepiece that combines our passion for the highest quality gemstones with 121 years of experience in design and craftsmanship.”

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