Moller International Skycars

Since commercial flights might not be possible in this segment, Moller International has built a set of 2 new skycars, which are lightweight in design, and would be the future of everyday commuting in cities. Apart from that, these skycars might not even need the users to undergo the stringent pilot license tests, and would perfectly make do with Sport Pilot license instead. With a Tandem seating for 2 people, this aircraft occupies a total space of around 119 sq ft with a gross weight of 1,320-lbs. Under the hood, this Light Sport Aviation aircraft, packs in 170 HP of engine output. The time the skycar takes to reach parachute safe height is 11.3 seconds, where as transition height takes around 16.2 seconds, and the maximum rate of climb at sea level is pegged at 1,860 feet per minute. Unlike cars, the fuel efficiency is much higher at 42 miles to the gallon, with a onetime ride ability distance of 434 miles. Going by the name, this version of the skycar is younger cousin of the higher model previously talked about, with a capacity for just a single passenger. Though built with similar design theme as the 200LS, the size and technical configurations are on the lower side in comparison. With a total size of around 22.5 sq ft, the aircraft has a single passenger capacity, but has the same engine output of 170HP, but a body weight of 800-lbs for the entire unit. However, the climbing times are shorter with 10 seconds needed to reach parachute safe height, and transition height taking around 16.4 seconds. The rate at which the aircraft would travel is 3,460 feet per minute, making it more feasible for spaces where there is more open air.

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