Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitar with 24-carat gold and mother of pearl lining

After the 25/50 special edition and Firebird X, it’s the Gibson Les Paul deluxe guitar which gets a 24 carat gold and pearl makeover. Created by expert luthier Mr. Kim Webber, each strand of the guitar string has been individually coated with gold, apart from applying the precious yellow metal on the body. This was followed by the installing of the Mother of Pearl stones and shells, apart from recreating the mini-pickups in bronze as well. This has now been turned into a one-off piece of art, with a price tag of £10,000 ($15,875). When the guitar came to Mr. Webber a while back, it was bought to him in a not so good condition. Hence, it meant that he had to taken apart, and then rebuilt individually with most of the construction redone according to the demands of the customer. It involved using white mother of pearl, as well as its golden variety on the inner layering of the guitar. After that came the reconstruction of the mini pick-ups of the guitar, which was done by a local metal worker especially for the customer? It was also then plated with 24-karat gold, something which was done on the strings as well, and eventually installed on the musical instrument.

Mr. Webber isn’t doing this job for the first time, or isn’t really a newbie. He has made numerous such one-off instruments for collectors, who have asked for some really whacky designs such as one with 4,000 Swarovski crystals. Hopefully this special edition will fall into a particular category of a custom made piece, which he estimates to be worth around £10,000 ($15,875). It’s just that we didn’t catch hold of the buyer’s name for this guitar.

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