Corvette-inspired Powerboat for sale at $1.7 million

Corvette, which had become a known name in the space of making car-boat combos like the red Cataraman boat and coupe car duo, has now introduced a new option with the 2012 ZR48 MTI, which includes a designer trailer, and a speed boat, priced at $1.7 million. The boat which is made primarily out of carbon fiber, packs in sleek aerodynamic design and futuristic technology, setting itself out of any nearby competition for such a package.

The speed boat uses a number of parts, which it had made for the Corvette car. The carbon fiber body design too is inspired from the racing car. One prominent example is the rear end tail lights, which are a direct copy of the car. The use of this fabric means greater flexibility in terms of shaping, design and finish along with a lightweight body, taking a lot of weight off the engine's back. This transfers into getting more out of the twin Mercury Marine engines, which generate 1,350 HP of displacement each, taking speed boating to dizzying heights. Within the boat, there is a capacity for 6 adult passengers to sit comfortably, along with the pilot in whose control will be the 8000 Watt music system and other electronic controls such as the sliding door on top meant for entry and exit. Not only this, the price we earlier mentioned would include a fully loaded trailer truck on which one can house the boat and which by itself is a house on the move. Apple TV, ground LED lights, power washer, and engine flush system are just some of the other amenities on board. To cut it all short, this is perhaps one of the ultra-luxurious ways one can impose a batman like presence on road, and even on water.

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