Cigarette racing boats inspired by Mercedes Benz AMG Black series

There are back once again with the new C63 SMG Black Series, with the main highlight being the 50-foot Marauder Cigarette boat. The sleek long cigarette like hull, which is the signature of the series, combines an even more power engine within, along with some subtle changes along its chassis. From April this year, all those looking for the speed thrill with same intensity as the Mercedes cars, will get to order their version of this boat for themselves.Water as a medium is comparatively different, and might be even tougher to use as a surface for speed travel. This is the reason the speed boats are given that extra punch in the engine to ensure that they can match speed records in the water as well. This is precisely what one would notice in the 50-foot marauder which has its source of inspiration from the Mercedes Benz C63 car, by packing in a 1,350 HP twin Mercury Racing engine. With this kind of intensity under the hood, it would drive this 50-foot monster speed boat at speeds which have never been witnessed, commonly at least. Other salient features of this vessel would include the Gamin 5212 touch screen GPS, 4-person Dave Clark headsets with Billet audio system, along with the flexibility of controlling battery power through the integrated touch-screen panel. Also the 100 billet aluminum pieces through the body of the vessel, lends its extra bit in terms of overall styling, seen on the dash board, grab handles, seat supports, and even near the sound system.

This boat was also recently put on display at the Miami International Boat show, where the partners Mercedes and Cigarette boating came together to highlight their new offerings. On the Mercedes side of things, this boat will perhaps go hand-in-hand with the C63 AMG Coupe Series car, which will pack in a powerful 510HP 6.3-liter V8 engine. Equally intense as its water counterpart, this coupe racer comes as an offering for all speed thrill seekers out there, who wouldn’t mind paying the extra bit to fulfill their wishes, and enjoy the high-end styling quotient of the brand.

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