ARTYA brings in 3 new creations featuring Sun of a gun ‘black’ edition

The star attraction of the new options, this watch brings watch making and firearms on to aesthetic common platform. Armed with a 316L stainless steel black PVD coated casing, the watch will occupy 47mm of your wrist space, apart from its black runner strapping. With 6 bullets of the Flobert 6mm gun, the hours get symbolized in 2-hour interval positions at 12, 2,4,6,8 & 10 ‘o’clock slots. At the center of the dial lies a white enamel target, which accentuates the theme of the watch. Inside the engine, there is a self-winding mechanical movement, which has 25 jewel components. Other specifications would include the 50 meter water resistance and 42 hour power reserve. On the front and rear exposed skeleton, the covering is created with sapphire crystal for resistance to scratches, and also anti-reflective properties.

With 725 diamonds set around the casing of the watch, Yvan Arpa brings in a rather blinged watch for the ladies. Thought the base is created with polished stainless steel, the base of the main dial comes from murex, from which the mother of pearl is extracted. We come to know, that the ancient Phoenicians used this fabric extensively in their dying process. Other than that, gold leaf is also seen around the upper end of the dial, and some on the sides. The movement inside is a quartz machine, which has been created in Switzerland. Fabrication would include the sapphire crystal covering and the satin finished velvet strapping.

Amongst all the creativity used in this series, this watch perhaps has the most interesting story behind it. When Yvan Arpa visited Lombok in Indonesia, he was given a traditional dagger blade, which was then broken and carved into pieces, to incorporate in a special watch, which in this case forms the Kris 1/1 dial and casing. After that, many special treatments including thermal combustion, molding, and engraving were done to ensure that craftsmanship as well as rugged formation goes hand in hand. Within the watch, there is a self-winding movement which was entirely created in Switzerland for this timepiece, and also a sapphire crystal covering. The watch can resist 50 meters of water depth as well. The bracelet has been made out of crocodile leather.

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