Acerbis wall mounted media case

Acerbis, the Italian maestro of minimalistic hi-tech TV cabinets such as the NewInd and the NC Base Superschermo 100, just extended its product offering by introducing the new Mediacase wall-mounted TV cabinet. Focusing on its main signature elements of the design, Acerbis uses a metallic structure with lacquered glass front paneling, to create a unit which will be able to incorporate and bring together a whole variety of multimedia devices, and also bring in some minimalistic aesthetics to your drawing room or personal AV Room.Available in mainly 2 colors (black and white), the Media Case incorporates a flexible module in order to be complete multi-media housing solution for your gizmos. The front window from where the TV images are seen, is actually a special lacquered glass covering behind which the TV Screen fits in, and through which one sees the video content from the outside. The sides of the metal unit in the center are actually the slot for the 2-way bass speakers by Diapason, who created them for this particular product specifically. What the cabinet will also do, is help minimize any exposure of wiring and connections that may be needed to connect your CD player to your TV, and make the whole arrangement ultra-neat and sleek to look at.As options, the buyers get to choose from several other elements such as the size of the unit, such as the 40, 42, 46, 47, 50, and uptil 65-inches of wide screen space, which would hold up the unit through the Universal fixing brackets placed inside. Also if there is a need, similar looking flat cabinets can be installed just below the central cabinet, in order to accommodate any additional gizmos and or increase storage space. Coming to the side speakers, they can also be replaced with higher-end products of the customer’s choice. What would also be pleasing to know, is that such a set-up is comparatively easy to clean; just rub surface with wet cloth and then with a dry one, to have equipment to being as good as new. So, to capsulate it all, the Acerbis is all about being the perfect choice for the iGeneration multi-media needs.

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