$100,000 world tour for China's Luxury Travelers

China’s booming economy is minting millionaires, and Chinese are developing a growing appetite for luxury travels and for spending their money. Ctrip, China’s travel agency conglomerate masterminded a magnificent 66-days global trip for these millionaires. An exclusive $104,654 getaway package was developed; covering both poles and more than a dozen countries that will provide an ultimate travel experience to 11 globe-trotters. Reportedly, after the trip reservation went online in June last year, Chinese millionaires sprint like Olympic championship to join this lavish global tour that got sold in just 13 seconds, roughly the time Olympic champion hurdler Liu Xiang takes to complete 110 meters race. After a six month visa application process, on Jan 29, all 11 travelers took off from Shanghai to reach their first travel destination Australia, followed by a South America tour for 24-days, forays through Europe and North America, and a 10-day cruise on the Mediterranean. This 66-days magnificent tour will end up with a last week stay in Dubai, India and Hong Kong, before returning to China on 3rd April.The itinerary comprises of business class flights to transport the travelers to top-notch hotel accommodations like in Burj Al Arab in Dubai; it also includes luxury reservations to dine like king at the finest restaurants in Paris. Highlighted by the high-end cruise from Ushuaia to Antarctica with the cruise line Silversea, the magnificent 11 will also enjoy the astonishing views of unbelievable Northern lights, aurora Borealis in Finland’s glass-ceiling Kakslauttanen hotel.

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