Morgon 4/4 sportscar 75th anniversary edition

This Morgon 4/4 sportscar 75th anniversary edition has options for external chassis coloring; old English white, sport red, and the sport black as seen here. There is also the additional matt black stripe, which will be bearing the ‘4/4 75th’ graphic to remind every one of the special series of the car. Other minor but aesthetic changes include the narrow 4/4 wings, Black stone guard, 9-stud windscreen with black PVC coated retractable hood. However, what reminded very much of the classic edition is the black painted 15-inch wired tires and the polish matched rounded door handles and rear view mirrors. Talking of the inside view, black leather upholstery all around, with the seats being of the perforated design. The carpeting done in black also retains the old world classic charm. The dashboard gives out the finer taste through the polished wooden rimming and the moto lita steering wheel. Under the hood, the engine packs in quite the punch. There is a 1,999cc, 4-cylinder engine which takes this vehicle from 0-100 km/ph in just 7.2 seconds, meaning speed thrills are always on the offer no matter the old world design. The top speed of the vehicle however, goes to 189 km/ph, so it’s still a thriller on the highway. As for pricing goes, be it would cost the buyer £38,750 ($59,697) each.

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