Last Lamborghini Diablo

Way back in 2001, Lamborghini had introduced one of its most successful models, the Diablo limited edition, which saw only 40 cars to be ever made for sale. Out of all those, one of them has shown up on the auction black at Barrett Jackson, which supposedly is also the last of those 40 models. Though the estimate hasn't been unveiled yet, with regard to its bid price, but with the popularity of the Italian car maker’s brand, it is definitely expected to fetch much higher, considering the condition the vehicle is in. This Last Lamborghini Diablo has a 6-liter V12 engine, which had a power output of 550 HP, and worked on a 6-speed automatic transmission. In 3.9 seconds, it zoomed from 0-100 km/ph with the capacity to go up to 322 km/ph at the higher end. Carbon fiber weaving and titanium threads are as integral a part of the body, built on aerodynamic principles, encompassing the rear spoiler even. Inside the car, there is leather upholstery dolled up in coffee color with titanium linings along with high-end multi-media equipment like the Alpine DVD navigation system. To top it up all, this particular vehicles comes with just 32 km of total usage till sale, which means that of what the new owner gets, is virtually new and unused. So, if you have the hang of it, and the cash to spare the Scottsdale 2012 Barrett Jackson Auction is where you would need to be.

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