Hammacher Schlemmer scale model Yankee Stadium

Artist Steve Wolf in collaboration with Hammacher Schlemmer, brings in the 1/8 scale model of the 1961 Yankee stadium for your home, albeit with an $115,000 price tag. The stadium was  hand-painted and crafted into the every small detail that there is about the stadium, Mr. Wolf spent close to 3,000 hours of his workmanship on constructing each of these model stadiums. Using original blue prints of the stadium, these models were created to the last detail using 10,000 individual parts, which include the triple deck grandstand, field with playing area, stadium walls, seating area, and even the banners with multiple ads on the side wall, all using materials like laser-cut wood, poly-carbon plastics, brass, and aluminum. The point to be noted is, that much of these parts were rather small in size, and each has been glued individually to make as realistic as one can fathom. Also other notables include the monuments dedicated to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehring, and Miller Huggins in the center field, along with the lighting recreated with the 250 LED light bulbs, and field which comes with an airbrushed finish with 64,000 individual seats. The windows on the exterior of the stadium have come alive with mini-plexi-glass windows along with the 6 ticketing stations.

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