Bombay Sapphire bar bag

This Bombay Sapphire bar bag has teamed up with Barking Irons to launch its special edition Bombay Sapphire bar bag, which is mainly targeted at master mixologists. Featuring specially created compartments and equipment inside, every mixologist will now carry their equipment with as much élan as they prepared their drinks with. When one looks back in time, especially during the 19th century, the doctors in Europe generally came with equipment in a specially designed style of bag. Inside that, every kind of necessary essential were present including medicines. Borrowing the same design concept, Bombay Sapphire and Barking Irons have created this soft pebbled leather case, with the strikingly bright blue sapphire colored waxed interior coupled with its own set of stainless steel bar equipment. That would include the special Boston shaker, Hawthorne strainer, an elegant Japanese bar spoon, a citrus squeezer, and also an ice pick should anyone decide to show their artistry on the cubes of ice for the cocktail. Also, should any special bottle of alcohol or syrup need to be carried along, there is plenty of space for that too. The exteriors feature a leathered surface, with glossy yet realistic finish lending it the high quality status symbol. Despite being pretty robust, the surfacing is surprisingly smooth and soft, making you treasure it like the equipment within.

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