Watch winder cabinet with built-in fireplace and TV

This watch winder cabinet with a built-in fireplace and tv is called GIGANTIS. The gigantis has a mauve brown outer covering with the black central unit oozes a feeling of modern design, without making any loud statement of outlandish design. The height of it is 2.10 meters in height, and 1.8 meters in length, this watch cabinet is indeed an imposing figure, and a stylish one which could be placed as a central piece in your room. Just a click of a button, or a few switches on your Smartphone, and the Gigantis is unveiled in full bloom. 42 individually created slots are available for mounting your precious timepieces, made of stainless steel. In most cases they slots can be programmed to take care of the watch winding individually. Other than that, there is a cigar humidifier that shall enhance and preserve your cigars for a long length of time. In case entertainment is what you seek, the built in TV screen is there to watch movies and video, or even listen to music, which also falls under the category of remote control functions possible to control through your smartphone. The price? $240,075.

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