Transparent chess set inspired by Alice's wonder adventure

This chess set is called alice chess 03 ZsnG1 48. When Yasmin Sethi created his chess set based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Wonderful is an understatement when describing his transparent chess set, because this innovative design would impress even David Blaine and Chris Angel. Even professional crowd shockers like them would have had a hard time coming up with a concept this amazing. So what is all the fuss about you say? Well imagine picking up a piece from a group of opaque cylinders, and placing it on square, and then walla! the cylinder becomes transparent, with a pattern inside it. You pick up other cylinders and place them on other squares, and each time they turn transparent upon contact, with each one revealing a pattern within. After a while, you realize that the patterns are the pieces of the game of chess, and then you intuitively arrange the board.

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