Swarovski chandeliecollection

This swarovski chandeliecollection event started off on Jan. 13 in New York's SoHo district via the courtesy of Moss Online. Moss Gallery exhibits 30 contemporary chandeliers, each created by a different designer for the Austrian crystal company Swarovski's Crystal Palace Collection. All the stunning chandeliers are for sale. The collection includes Vincent Van Duysen's $140,000 Cascade that looks like a pillar made in swarovski, Yves Behar's $98,000 Mini Voyage chandelier composed of approx. 5,500 clear crystals on an aluminum frame with Plexiglas support, Constantin and Laurene Boym's $36,000 Crystal Rugs that feature a series of crystal carpets draped over their light source of halogen bulbs and crystal reflectors and Andree Putman's Moss Milky Way chandelier that features a crystal-studded fabric over a fiberglass dome and a swarovski crystal mosaic underside and priced at $112,000.

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