Paladin's "Shadow"

This yacht is called Paladin's "Shadow". This yacht can do a range at 10 knots at 12,204. The max speed can get up to 12 Knots/81 gph. The most impressive set of windows to be found in any master stateroom, the elevation of these wondows rivals the view from the 3rd floor of a condo. No doubt, the captain or guests have better visibility than the mothership. A large flat panel television is mounted to the wall on the far left of this image. The master stateroom was simply styled by Stan's wife, Mary Jane Antrim. Shadow's can be appointed as desired, but given the Hummer-like personna of these vessels, a no-frills approach seems best. A king-size pedestal bed with storage drawers underneath was chosen for the master, with matching end tables.

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