The Official Ferrari Opus book

This $250,000 Official Ferrari Opus book is known to have some of the most high quality imaging, documentation, and access to exclusive insider accounts, has been launched in New Delhi, India. Like the Enzo Ferrari which had only a handful of them ever made, this book too shall have only 1 copy per country. Siroya Collections has ensured that it creates the Ferrari prancing horse on the cover of this red leather book, with a total of 1500 selected diamonds to the finest level possible. The book measures ½ each, there lays the story of the most celebrated automobile brand in the world in detailing never seen before. Exclusive in-depth interviews of Ferrari collectors and winning drivers at world championship races, lay out the story of their journey, along with the photographs of workers of the factory at Maranello while they produce masterpieces of the automotive world are shown on a total of 852 pages, which in turn make the whole book weigh 37kgs.

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