Milawaukee Golf Caddy kit

This Milawaukee Golf Caddy kit for Harley Davidson was created by Glenn Castro. By simply removing the saddlebag and setting the rack in place with the help of the existing fasteners, the base unit of the caddy is set. Then, after fixing the golfing bag with the kit on the mount, the Velcro strips can be strapped on for a steady hold of the kit bag, which can actually bear traveling speeds of the bike up to 95 m/ph, without any disturbance with the handling. The extra flexibility added here, is the option for loading a bag of any size (from a walking bag to a touring bag) without losing out either on comfort, or utility of carrying another passenger on the rear end of the bike’s pillion. The suggested option from Milwaukee caddy, is a handcrafted black and red version which has the similar macho appeal of the Harley, as well as carrying the high quality of construction associated with the 2-wheeler. Made of a special grade of T6 aluminum and leather, the bag weighs just 2.5 lbs but doesn’t fall short on strength of the fabric, thus securing the golf kit during high-speed cruises.

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