M55 e-bike Terminus Airbrush edition

This M55 e-bike Terminus Airbrush edition is decked up in gold, titanium, Swarovski crystals, and an additional hybrid engine design, the M55 terminus royal edition will indeed be the new eco-luxury ride that will be the center of the ‘bling’ talks of the town. Beneath theframe is the integrated electric motor and battery cell with its wiring, which empowers the rider to go up to speeds like 67 km/ph, but would depend on the load and gear ratios. While the motor is a 250-500 Watt BLDC unit with 90% efficiency, the battery is divided into 8 units of the A123 Lithium Polymer cells. Along with this will be some high-end engineering in the form of White Brothers Groove 160 fork, custom made Gebhart M-55 aluminum chain with gold plating, Rohloff twist shifter gearing system, 7075 CNC machined on-board computer, along with Shimano Saint 203 mm front and rear floating disk brakes with Point 1 racing podium pedals. Chosen colors by customers, and jewelry as mentioned before, are always open to them but would make a difference to the final cost of the bike. This bike is worth $38,500.

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